Hiring A StoryBrand Guide Brings Clarity In How You Talk To Customers In Person And Online

We know the world is getting noisier and getting your message heard is becoming more challenging. 

You know a change is needed. But where do you start?

The answer is found in Donald Miller’s book, "Building A Storybrand." This New York Times Bestseller and is now on the “Must Read” list of every business leader. 

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Why Is StoryBrand So Effective?

Use The Power Of Story To Capture Attention
The best storytellers all know that there is nothing like a good story to get people to pay attention. In this noisy world, attention is the holy grail.
Know And Connect With Your Ideal Client
Too many businesses are not focused on their ideal client. They end up making noise and missing an opportunity to truly connect.
Get Clear On the Problem You Solve
When you can get clear on how you solve problems, you can be sure that people will listen.
We Know How Important It Is To Get StoryBrand Right
The K. Morgan Marketing team is passionate about helping you achieve this.

Karen Morgan, the Founder of K. Morgan Marketing, is a Certified StoryBrand Guide. Karen and her team have baked StoryBrand into everything they do. From copywriting to website design and even explainer videos and lead generators, everything we do is created with the StoryBrand framework in mind.

The K. Morgan Marketing team helps clients understand and apply StoryBrand. They'll guide you through how to apply the principles taught in Don Miller's bestselling book so you can use it to clarify your message and grow your business.

Why Do We Love StoryBrand So Much?
It's because we know that story sells.

In his book Building A StoryBrand, author Donald Miller argues that storytelling techniques can be used to create a clear message you can use in your pitches, on your website and in email copy to cut through the noise. Here's how Miller summarizes it:

"Story is the most powerful tool in the world to captivate the human brain. When you learn to use story in your brand's communication, your customers will finally pay attention to what you're saying."

— Donald Miller, author of "Building a StoryBrand."

From what we can see, humans have been telling each other stories since we first learned to communicate. Storytelling is part of our DNA. Did you know (as Building a StoryBrand lays out), the best stories follow mostly the same format? They have a central character, who is faced with an unfamiliar problem. They need to find a Guide who will lay out a clear plan, call them to action and help them win their story. 

That's the plotline of some of the epic stories that have gripped culture for years. 

The best part is that we can take those principles and apply them to your marketing as well. Wouldn't it be great to have a website that captivates the very people you know you can help? 

What makes StoryBrand different is that it gives you a framework to create content around your customer, the hero of the story that matters. 

Why StoryBrand Works So Well In Marketing

The goal with StoryBrand marketing is to create more meaningful and persuasive engagement with your audience through concrete advice, insightful analysis, and an emotionally compelling narrative.

The idea behind StoryBrand marketing is this: Your customers don’t care about you or your business. Telling them the story of what goes into it is both ineffective and a waste of their time. For you, your brand story is deeply personal. To someone on the street, though, you're just another name business trying to take their hard-earned money.

Showing up as the trustworthy Guide who has a plan to help them solve problems and win their story? Now that's interesting all of a sudden..

Let's use an example to make it clearer: Product descriptions can focus on features such as "Our product is purple" and this may result in customer confusion. Describing the benefits of a product, such as "This will help you feel strong and confident", make customers more likely to buy your product.

From a consumer perspective, benefits are more important than features. Benefits are what help customers. Merely talking about features is what makes you feel good about yourself. That's irrelevant to a stranger.

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