Having a website is one thing.

Knowing what to put on your website is another entirely.

I understand how frustrating it can be to have all this excitement about getting your website going and then staring at the blinking cursor. You stare at it and then, because nothing is happening, you slowly become discouraged. If nothing happens soon, you will close your laptop and move on to something you feel competent.

And all that adrenaline that was mustered up about your website will be lost.

So I have a tool that can help you get moving.

It's a little template I created that you can use with your BrandScript so that you apply your BrandScript.

Don't have a BrandScript? We can help with that? Click here to learn more.

This template will help you apply the StoryBrand framework to your home page. 

For now, this is about your home page. Just download the PDF and enjoy. There's no opt-in, no strings attached. 

Just want to help you move on from that terrible blinking cursor and get an awesome website up that tells people about the awesome work you do!

Karen Morgan

Karen Morgan


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